Binär Elektronik is established in Trollhättan by two young technicians. The business concept is to develop industrial electronics.



The first controller is ready. It is designated BiFas10 and the first buyer is Saab Scania AB in Trollhättan. Binär now has 6 employees.



The next generation of controller is designated BiFas30 and the first customer is Volvo Personvagnar in Olofström.



A new micro computer-based security system, BiSafe, sees the light of the day. Binär moves into its present location.



The first delivery of BiFas34 is made to Volvo Personvagnar in Olofström. Binär’s products are now being introduced to the international market.



Binär Elektronik is sold to Electroswede. The number of employees are now 15.



The different operations of Binär and Electroswede are merged into Binär Elektronik. The development of BiFas40 starts.



BiForce, a process monitoring system, is developed. Miele in Germany is one of the first customers.

The first BiFas40 controller is installed at Volvo Personvagnar in Olofström.

Binär´s operations are focused on development and sales of its own controllers, which lay the basis for further expansion.



The operation for installations of production facilities is now transferred to a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electroswede. At the same time, Binär is sold and becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Addum Industri AB.



Binär Elektronik and Elektronikpartner AB jointly found the company Vänerlab EMC AB.



On June 1, Binär Elektronik AB is introduced to the Stockholm stock exchange, the SBI-list.

The number of employees are 26 and the premises are enlarged to hold 40 persons.

This year the first deliveries of controllers for the food industry take place. During the Fall, BiFas UHS, the new generation of motion controller, is launched.



The subsidiary, BiFas Canada Inc. is established in Canada. A co-operation starts with SEW Eurodrive for sales on the North American market.

A sales office opens up in Växjö, in the southern part of Sweden.

Binär and the County labor board realize a 6-months educational training of 9 engineers of which 4 are employed by Binär after the exam. The number of employees at Binär are now 38.


1998 The quality system of Binär Elektronik AB is found to conform to SS-EN ISO 9001.

Binär acquires two new companies, namely Sydost-Teknik AB and Automotive Robotic AB.



Operations are divided into three business areas; Elektronics, System Integration and Press Automation. New share issue is carried out.



The company name Binär Elektronik i Trollhättan AB is changed to Binar AB.

The German subsidiary Binar GmbH is founded.

Binar becomes Swedish representative for FEV Motorentechnik GmbH, one of the world’s major suppliers of test equipment for combustion engines.



The Press Automation Division moves from Svängsta to Olofström.

Marketing and sales of OP400 commences, a new PC-based operator panel.



Binar acquires Herwo AB's product division. The Binar share is deregistred from NGM Equity list.



BBinar acquires Standby AB. Binar acquires the majority of shares in Kahlman Holding AB.



A new product family, LP (Lean Production) is launched and aims to support efficient production. First up is the takt system LPS.


Binar opens branch office in Gothenburg.


Binar acquires parts of Tivox AB after the company was put into receivership. The acquisition mainly comprises Tivox Automation AB and the company Rostfritt & Smide i Tranås AB.



On September 1, 2006, Binar's press automation business area, located in Olofström, becomes an independent subsidiary within the Binar Group, operating under the name Binar Olofström AB.


The LP204 Poka Yoke Stand Alone pick-to-light system is launched in collaboration with Scania in Södertälje. 




Binar Elektronik's operations are transferred from Binar AB to a new subsidiary, Binar Elektronik AB.


Binar Elektronik AB in Trollhättan and Binar Olofström AB are certified according to ISO 14001.


A sales office is opened in Norrtälje.



An agreement is signed with Panasonic regarding laser markers. 


Collaboration commences with Bosch Industrial Sales with the aim, as application partner, of offering assistance with motors and sensors.



Binar launches the LP300 pick-to-light system, which contains picking lists and ELIN software.


Launch of the BiFas 70 control system, the replacement for BiFas UHS. The system offers reverse compatibility, which means that it can replace BiFas systems from 1994 onwards.


Binar Elektronik AB, Binar Olofström AB and Kahlman Produkter AB are brought together with the parent company under a new Binar logotype.


Kahlman Produkter AB changes name to Binar Quick-Lift Systems AB and moves into completely new premises in Trollhättan.


The company Sensactive is transferred from the Binar subsidiary Dynamis AB in Karlskoga to Binar Elektronik AB.


The automation business area (sheet metal automation, material handling and microwave tunnels) within Titech System AB in Tidaholm is transferred to Binar Elektronik AB.



Binar Elektronik moves into new premises at Hedekullevägen 24 in Trollhättan, which are shared with Binar Quick-Lift System.



One of the largest deliveries of the Andon system is made to over 800 workstations at Volvo Cars.



A range of new products is launched onto the market, including BiDisp3, an industrial character display used to visualise information at workstations.


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