LP352 - Pick to Light - Rail system

The LP352 system is ideally suited to order picking at kit stations. Thanks to the fact that the picking stations are long and narrow, they can be easily placed over the items that are to be picked. It could, for example, involve picking from small boxes, plastic boxes, cartons, large boxes and pallets. The LP350 and LP351 picking sensors are placed on rails over each box/item that is to be picked.


Advantages of the LP352 system

  • Assures quality during picking
  • Speeds up order picking as both hands can be used
  • Acknowledgement by sensor or on button
  • Can display no of parts to pick 01-99
  • Can display colour green, red, yellow, blue, white, turquoise or purple
  • Only 30 mm high, which makes it suitable for the front edge of most shelves
  • No visible cables along the edge of the shelf
  • Quick connections simplify installation
  • Can be combined with digital instructions



The pick sensor has two digits to show no of parts to pick. Two LED:s (white in the picture) show that the material should be picked. Acknowledgement is done by sensor pointing down or on green button. Blue button may be used for material alarm



Examples of efficient order picking using the LP352 system

The film shows order picking at what is termed a kit station, where the operator works freely without a picking list. In this example, all the picking systems are activated at the same time, which means that the operator can personally choose the picking order. The picking takes place without a picking list, which means that both hands are free and can be used to pick. Order picking is thus quick, efficient and with consistently high quality.

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LP352 - System overview


The system is based on the BPS Poka Yoke software, which can be run visibly on a panel PC or hidden on a server. A link to the business system can be set up in order to gain access to a picking list or item list for each assembly station. The picking order is often started with the aid of a barcode scanner in order to scan in the sequence or recipe. The recipe contains the items that are to be picked, how many there are of each item and the colour the picking sensor should display.


The system can also be used to replenish items where the light is activated for one item at a time, possibly using a deviating colour, e.g. blue.





The picking sensors are attached to a permanent rail that runs along the front edge of the shelf. A bus cable is then connected between the picking sensors and a cover is placed between the sensors. The covers are available in ready-made lengths (100/200/300 mm) to simplify installation. The indication lamp can also display different colours (RGB) although the most common is to use a green light. Non-contact acknowledgement takes place directly under the sensor at a distance of up to 10 centimetres. The photocell detects when the operator swipes his/her hand under it, which then turns the light off automatically.

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