Traceability and statistics


In many cases it is necessary to be able to save key data from the production process. This could involve wanting to be certain that the product has passed the correct production step and that it has also been quality assured for further processing. From the point at which the product has been ordered until it has been delivered, it passes through a large number of steps. By introducing some form of ID labelling for the product and a number of control points, there is a greater opportunity to do the right thing from the outset and to shorten delivery time. ID labelling can, for example, consist of a barcode or an RFID tag. When the product is initiated for production, the ID labelling is linked to an electronic work order. This is built up either manually or automatically with information as the product passes through the different steps in the process.


ID labelling can also be used to control the actual process. When the product, for example, is due to be processed in a machine, the ID labelling is read and the correct programme is selected. At an assembly station, picking indication can be controlled by the ID labelling being read and the business system subsequently asking which items belong to the work order in question. It is also possible to present important information directly to the operator by displaying the information automatically on screens. One such system offered by Binar is known as ELIN (ELectronic INstructions).


A system for traceability and statistics creates the requisite conditions for maintaining good order. This offers a whole range of positive advantages, where the correct products can be made with the right level of quality. Reduced administration, reduced buffer stocks and reduced lead times are additional positive effects that are often achieved. It can therefore not only be used to see how things have progressed but also to be certain that the right things will be carried out.


Advantages of traceability and statistics


  • Reduces lead times
  • Reduces buffer stocks and storage
  • Quality assures the process
  • Reduces administration
  • Provides the opportunity to control production. (Variant control)


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