Visualisation of process status is crucial in order to react quickly to deviations. To generate understanding and commitment in a group, use of often made of key figure visualisation, one of the cornerstones of Lean Production.

Binar provides a number of tried and tested solutions. This could range from bright, maintenance-free LED displays and flat screens to simple light towers, but it could also include visualisation on webpages and mobile solutions. Production displays fitted with bright LED lights manufactured by Binar can be read at a distance of up to 80 metres. These displays are maintenance-free and are ideally suited to an industrial environment. A number of the applications are controlled from the Takt and Andon system LPS, although we also provide BiDisp-server software.


Production display

  • OUTCOME, shows how many items have been produced during the most recent time period. Set at zero for each shift/day/week
  • STATUS, indicates the current status in relation to plan
  • ACC. STATUS, status over time. Adjusted in conjunction with overtime operation and a change in the production plan
  • DOWNTIME, shows how long the machine has been at a standstill as a result of a disruption in the immediate area
  • DIR. OK%, quality outcome. Indicates how many items have been approved directly without reprocessing







BiDisp3 is a powerful, flexible display for use in an industrial environment. Bright, energy-efficient LED technology is used to present text and graphics. The display has three font colours: red, green and orange. BiDisp3 is intended for use at short to medium distances, 1 to 15 metres. Using the largest font, it can be used for distances of up to 40 metres.

BiDisp3 is ideal for providing information to operators at a workstation or displaying information from a machine, e.g. part counting or OEE. The colour display can be used to indicate the current status quickly and clearly, e.g. red for Stop, yellow for Comment and green for Good. Graphic arrows can be used to show rising and falling trends. Dynamic bars can be used to show a percentage from 0-100 with a change of colour for different intervals.


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Flat screen

 Flat screens allow information to be customised. Binar designs and develops webpages with real-time graphics that show customised graphics as required. An example could be to show both key figures and the status at individual stations. As it involves web applications that are implemented on the company's intranet, it is very often possible for everyone in the company to follow the most important value creator in the company – production.


Examples of AFQ/OEE

 AFQ stands for Availability, Facility utilisation and Quality. OEE stands for Overall Equipment Efficiency. This key figure is an amalgamation of three key figures that provide a representative picture of how a machine is working and how it is being utilised. After making a major investment it is natural that you would want to know if it is profitable. Monitoring and visualisation provide the answer.




Example of machine status

Visual machine status over time (trend) provides a good overview of what has taken place – during the most recent shift for example. Any major stoppages can be seen directly in the form of red fields, empty in/full out are shown as a blue field, set up as a yellow field and production periods as green fields.


Examples of order status

A collective picture with an overview of the order status. Order information, number in a batch, number produced, station status, availability, OEE etc.


Examples of light towers

Visualisation of machine status often takes place with the aid of a light tower where each colour has a specific meaning. Visualisation takes place using a fixed or flashing light. The light tower can also be used as an Andon alert by the operator.

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