Development of PEAS (Pedestrian Alert System)

Development of PEAS (Pedestrian Alert System)
Binar Elektronik is developing a warning system with intention to save lives. PEAS will be introduced at the Scandinavian Public Transport Meeting in Gothenburg 15-17 October in close cooperation with the bus manufacturer BewaIntraf in Munkedal which has equipped the very first bus. In short, the purpose is to prevent accidents from occurring when a person (mainly children) disembarks the bus, crosses the street in front of the bus, and gets hit by passing vehicles. To minimize the risk an ultra sound sensor detects anyone in the area in front of the bus. If so LED-lamps flash to warn both passing vehicles and pedestrians heading in front of the bus and also a signal horn warns the pedestrian. There is a small operating panel in the bus and the unit is activated when the regular warning sign for disembarking children is activated. In addition the bus driver can activate the warning sign by using the signal horn ? the LED-lamps also start to flash. The system will be promoted by Binar Elektronik?s fellow company Standby (www.standby.eu). PEAS was noticed on TV4?s local news 15 October.

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