Product news

Product news
BiDisp?s LED-display is entirely redesigned to meet today?s demand for a large and easy-to-read character display. The BiDisp, which was first introduced in 1993, has undergone a major upgrade and today comes in two different models. One 7-segment and one full ASCII-model, both with serial and Ethernet-connection as standard. Also the profile is redesigned to make the display more modular and easier to mount whether it is single- or multiple row display. LPS Takt system has received a number of upgrades, such as the option to visualize production overall equipment efficiency OEE/TAK, availability-, performance- and quality ratio. Upgrades have been made to enable connection of new products like the LP220, eDWin and eRWin. LP220 is a new push-button unit in the LP-product line. The push-button unit is used for logging error codes directly at the assembly station in a LPS-takt system. This is a very efficient way of dealing with stopping alarms in a takt system. The unit is connected to the system?s CAN-bus and may very well be used in older installations following a minor upgrade of the software.eDWin, a program for registering error codes and adding comments to alarms and events in a production facility. The program may be used to processes events created by the LPS takt system. eRWin, a report program run in Windows Excel. LPS-generated data is collected and presented in a very intuitive and simple way, providing base facts for improvement groups that strive to improve and prevent time losses and quality problems in an assembly plant.

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