Improving your productivity

We are revolutionizing production technology worldwide. And unlike a pure automation company we have advanced know-how in production technology. We want to error proof your production and improve your productivity long-term – together with you – to increase your profit – and secure your existence.

Go-getters, nerds, creativity, code, electronics, and a whole lot of crispbread

We love electronics! And it’s fun doing what you love. We know our stuff, and revel in new technology. We are crazy solution-focused, and lazy (or smart as we see it). Like, why reinvent the wheel? The best thing about us is that we are free of any form of prestige, both among ourselves and our partners. That’s because – for us – there is nothing more important than giving our customers the best solution. We think that’s why people stay, and customers choose to work with us.

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We want to spread the message about Lean Production

That’s why we have created BPS, Binar Production System. We want to give you smart tools – tested and ready for use – so that you can continue to focus on what you’re good at.

‘Everyone wins on an efficient, quality-assured production. Your customers are satisfied with higher quality and faster deliveries, you increase your profit, your employees have a better, stress-free working environment, and the environment benefits from lower stock and reduced waste.’

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We design and customize solutions to your needs

With our in-house expertise in industrial electronics and software development and – unlike a pure automation company – advanced know-how in production technology, we are at the forefront of innovative solutions and we can quickly produce smart tools to your needs. With many ready solutions and our own workshop, we can shorten the development time and give you a cost-effective solution.

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Binar comes from ‘Binär’

Binar comes from ‘Binär’, the Swedish word for ‘Binary’, binary numbers – ones and zeros – you know. ‘Binär Elektronik i Trollhättan’ was our name, but when we became global, and online, the dots disappeared, and we simply became Binar. Although it’s almost 20 years ago now, customers still call us ‘Binär’. We just love it – it’s our legacy.

We are part of the Binar Group

We are part of the Binar Group. That’s why you might also associate us with lifting systems. We are part of the Argynnis Group. Up until 2007 we were part of the parent company, now we are our own subsidiary. Still we are the go-to development partner for the entire group. That means that apart from developing our own products, we develop electronics and software for controlling ergonomic lifting systems, smart press automation, effective IR ovens and bright lights and sirens for first responder vehicles. Our owners, Pomona, is a family-owned investment company, very focused on the long term.

Our story

Two young technicians started Binar back in 1984 with a vision of developing industrial electronic and software to improve productivity. The next year we launched our first own control system, BiFas. We focused our operations on the development and sale of our own control systems, which formed the foundation for future expansion.



We introduce the LP (Lean Production) product series as well as LPS (Takt and Andon system)


We design a Stand Alone Pick to Light system together with Scania


We launch a new generation of products, LP300 and a Pick to Light system, as well as Digital Instructions


We supply Andon System to more than 800 workstations at Volvo Cars


We launch BPS, Binar Production System, a full-scale MES system


We launch a test system to quality assure assembly of electrically embedded systems and by doing so becoming a global supplier to Volvo Cars


We expand our customer base and find many new opportunities, even outside the manufacturing industry


We’ll release a wireless testing system


We work actively with quality assurance and minimizing environmental impact

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. And have been from the start. We always strive to minimize both our and your environmental impact through our products and services. Good quality – for us – means we meet or even exceed your expectations. Contact us for more info.

We take responsibility

We accept your end-of-life products according to Regulation (2014:1075) on producer responsibility for electrical equipment. And we make sure our packings are recycled through our affiliation to FTI, Förpacknings- och tidningsinsamlingen.