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LP352 – Pick to Light Sensor

Part No. 50352

Pick to Light Sensor for picking and sorting parts from both boxes and pallets to quality assure your assembly in your production process, and your order picking at your warehouse or distribution centre.


This is how it works …

Pick to Light, Pick 2 Light and Pick by Light or Put to Light, Pack to Light and Put to Store – you name it. A clear light indicator tells you what to pick, and how many to pick, and a touch-free sensor makes sure you have picked. Simple but significant. Pick parts as you assemble, or kit parts and deliver to your production line JIT, Just in Time.

More about Pick to Light

Get clear light signals

Get clear light signals even from a distance, or at an angle. Turn on one light at a time, or all the lights at the same time, and let your workers choose the picking order. Separate picking orders using different colored lights.


Green light

Don’t pick/put

Red light

Confirm touch-free or with a button

Confirm you have picked with a touch-free sensor – simply pick your parts, with or without gloves, and the sensor will register as your hands pass underneath. Or confirm with a click of a button.

Display the number to pick

Display the number to pick. Up to double figures is just enough. If you need to pick more it will be hard to keep count and fit into your hands. Turn on the light more times instead and pick a smaller number each time.

Use smart function buttons

Use the Blue button as a material shortage alarm to improve your material handling. Call for more parts if they are running out (Kanban, 看板).

Handle even the toughest environment

Don’t worry. With a robust aluminium enclosure, you’re well protected against normal bumps and knocks that are common in an industrial environment. Get a long product life with clear, energy-efficient LED.

Change, expand or move easily

You don’t need to replace your existing shelving system. Our Pick to Light Sensor is suitable for picking in your production process and your warehouse or distribution centre, and from both small and large boxes or pallets. Change, expand, or move easily using bus quick connectors. We can, of course, also supply complete shelving systems if you need it.

Technical Data


Touch-free or push button

IR, working range ca 10cm (3.9″)

Light Indications
Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Turquoise and Purple

No. of Digits on Display

No. of Function Keys

No. of Sensors per bus
max 90



2 x IDC, 6 Contact, Male

Power Supply

Power Supply
20 – 32VDC

Power Consumption

Power Consumption
max 40mA


EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-4


IP Code

Temperature Range
0 – 50°C (32 – 122°F)

0 – 95% non-condensing

Dimensions and Weight

W 100 x H 35 x D 35mm
(W 3.9 x H 1.4 x D 1.4″)

300g (10.6oz)

Rail mount

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