Improve your alarm management

Producing with errors is expensive. Improve your alarm management by letting your workers call for help and stop production directly when an error is found – so you quickly can correct it.

This is how it works …

Andon (アンドン) is a working method within TPS, Toyota Production System, and lets your workers stop production and call for help directly when an error is found. Without leaving their workstations. You simply press an Andon button or pull an Andon pullcord to call for help.

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Digitize your alarm management system so that you can direct the alarm directly to the person who can correct it. And include the information needed to correct it. Describe type of error, location, and – in the best of worlds – even how it should be corrected.

Act on errors – wherever you are

Alarm using light or sound along your production line. Send a push notification, SMS, or email, or make a call, so that you can act on errors as they occur – wherever you are.

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Follow the problem-solving in real time

Inform your colleagues you’re starting to correct the error to avoid several people doing the same job. Follow the problem-solving in real time. And confirm when the error has been put right.

Prioritize right – easily

Escalate alarms if you receive more than one at the same time. This make it easier to prioritize right, and make sure you never miss an alarm. Prioritize the error with the most serious consequences and put in resources accordingly. Put in extra resources automatically if it is taking a long time to correct it.

Document cause and action

Document cause and action, so that you can correct the error more quickly next time, or even prevent it from happening again. Work with continuous improvements (Kaizen, 改善), to improve your productivity, reduce waste, and increase your profit – step by step.


Bring all sound experiences together

Keep listening to music, but never miss an alarm. Bring all sound experiences in your production area together to make sure your alarms and notifications always reaches the right person – quickly. Mute the music automatically when an alarm is activated, or an announcement is made. Just at a specific workstation or the whole production line.

Our solution …

With our complete digital Andon System, you have everything you need to improve your alarm management. Manage your alarms, follow the problem-solving, prioritize right, and log cause and action – wherever you are. We customize a solution with Andon Buttons, Andon Pullcords, sound, lights, displays, and web interfaces so that you can call for help easily and make sure the alarm always reaches the right person quickly.

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