Pick to Light

Pick to Light
Speed up and error proof your order picking

Use Pick to Light, a digital Poka Yoke tool to make sure you don’t pick the wrong parts or forget to pick a part completely. You don’t need a picking list – the system is paperless, and you can pick with both hands at the same time. Suitable for your production process and your warehouse or distribution centre.

This is how it works …

Pick to Light, Pick 2 Light and Pick by Light or Put to Light, Pack to Light and Put to Store – you name it. A clear light indicator tells you what to pick and how many, and a touch-free sensor quality assures you have picked. Simple but significant.

Pick parts as you assemble

Pick parts as you assemble using Pick to Light, to quality assure your assembly process. Combine with Digital Instructions.

Kitting away from your production line

Move the stock away from your production line to speed up your production flow. Kit your parts using Pick to Light in a supermarket away from your production line, and deliver kits to the production line JIT, Just in Time.

Kitting multiple orders at the same time

Walk the aisle once and pick parts for multiple orders at the same time, to speed up your order picking even more. Pick all parts of the shelf using Pick to Light and sort them out per order on your wireless cart using Put to Light.

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System Overview

Communicate via bus, I/O, or wirelessly. Combine with other sensors and lights, such as buttons, proximity sensors and light curtains. Interact with your ERP System or MES to get the picking list digitally, or run it Stand Alone.

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Pick O-rings easier

Don’t store your O-rings all tangled up in a box. Hang them up, so that you can pick them more easily, and make sure you pick the right number. Our smart Poka Yoke Tool tells you when to pick, and quality assures you have picked. Smart, right?

Our solution …

We give you a complete Pick to Light System, with both lights and program that you can integrate with your ERP System or use Stand Alone. You can run our program with your own lights or our lights with your program, making it easy to expand or rearrange your already existing system. Our system is suitable for your production process to assure the quality of your assembly, and in your warehouse and distribution centre for kitting your orders, both from boxes and pallets.

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