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Make it hard to make mistakes

Give your workers good tools to make it easy for them to do the right thing. Don’t take responsibility away from your workers, but make it hard to make mistakes, creating the most important element in an effective production process – commitment. Commitment is the core of quality assurance, Poka Yoke (ポカヨケ), that offers both high quality and short lead time. Don’t stop production unnecessarily.

We develop and customize solutions to your needs

Looking for tools to error proof your production and improve your productivity? Are you unable to find the tools you need on the market? Are they too expensive or not really to your liking? With our expertise in industrial electronics and software design we are at the forefront of innovative solutions and we can quickly produce smart tools to your needs.

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Don’t forget to fixate your hose clamps

Don’t forget to fixate your spring hose clamps – if you do, it will result in a leakage later on. Our smart Poka Yoke Tool tells you when to fixate the hose clamp and ensures you have fixated it. Smart, right?

Use the right tool

Your workers shouldn’t have to look for or question which tool to use. Our smart Poka Yoke and 5S Tool tells you when to use the tool and ensures you have used it. It also makes sure you put it back, so it doesn’t get lost. Smart, right?

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Assemble right

Digitize your instructions to make sure you get the right information at the right time without having to search for it. Make sure you use the latest documentation, and demand confirmation of critical steps to make sure you always do the right thing from the start.

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Pick the right parts

Introduce Pick to Light, a digital Poka Yoke tool to ensure you don’t pick the wrong parts or miss to pick a part completely. A clear light indicator tells you what to pick and how many, and a touch-free sensor ensures you have picked. Simple but significant.

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