Test Systems

Test Systems
Error proof your embedded electrical harness assembly

Check your quality throughout your whole production process, not just at the EOL (End of Line), to make sure you don’t find errors first at EOL when it’s hard to troubleshoot and rework. Make sure so you don’t connect wrongly or miss connecting completely at every workstation where assembly is done.

This is how it works …

Error proof your embedded electrical harnesses – before loading firmware – by measuring the power consumption, voltage or impedance of your connected electrical consumers, such as lights, sensors, switches, outlets and speakers.

Connect to your embedded system

Connect to your embedded electrical system directly via your harness connections. We customize industrial cables with robust connectors that will hold for extremely many repetitions – without damaging your connections.

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Run a test program

Run a test program via your MES, Manufacturing Executing System or Stand Alone. We customize test programs to your needs. And you can configure it easily online. No programming needed.

Follow your results in real time

Follow the test sequence easily with Green, Yellow and Red lights to show you how to connect, to confirm you have connected, and to see the results of the test. Connect a display or screen to display more detailed information, like type of error, and even how to solve it.

Correct errors right away

Producing with errors is expensive. Stop production directly when you find an error and call for help to quickly solve it.

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Save your test protocol

Save your test results and key data to make troubleshooting easier and to assure, and prove, the right quality.

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Our solution …

With our testing system you can quality assure even your most complex embedded electrical system throughout your whole production process. We customize test programs and test equipment to your needs. With many ready-to-use solutions and our own workshop, we can shorten the development time and give you a cost-effective solution.

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