Follow your results in real time

Visualize your production so that you can follow your results in real time and act on deviations directly as they arises – and change the outcome.

… wherever you are

Visualize your production in easily understood KPIs, Key Performance Indicators, on LED displays, specially designed for industrial environments and with a long readability distance, at your workstations or along your production line. Or in a web interface. So that you can follow your production in real time and act on errors – wherever you are.

Uncover actual waste and bottlenecks

Visualize your production to uncover actual waste and bottlenecks, so that you can take action in the right place. Your process is no better than the weakest link. If you can improve your process bottleneck, you can improve your entire process. Work with continuous improvements (Kaizen, 改善), to improve your productivity, reduce waste, and increase your profit – step by step.

Measure your productivity

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Inspire commitment

Display your results in easily understood KPIs on the shop floor in real time, that are easy to relate to. Like status, target and downtime. This will inspire your workers and motivate them. No quality assurance in the world will ever work if your workers don’t participate.

Digitize your daily control

Digitize your daily control to avoid having to collect and compile data manually. Interact with your production equipment to collect data automatically. And present it in easily understood KPI’s or graphs – automatically – in a web interface to make it available anywhere – making for flexible control meetings.

Our solution …

We collect data from your production system and present it in easily understood KPIs on LED displays at your workstations and along your production line or in a web interface. You can then follow your results in real time – wherever you are – and act on deviations as soon as they occur to change the outcome.

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